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This is a timeline of selected notable events relevant to the MRM.

Date Event
1837 Charles Fourier coins the term feminism.
July 19–20, 1848 Seneca Falls Convention. The Declaration of Sentiments is written and signed by 100 of the 300 attendees.
5 January 1976 The Family Court of Australia commences operation.
7 February 1992 The First celebration of International Men's Day.
11 July 1995 Srebrenica massacre of 8000 men and boys begins.
19 November 1999 International Men's Day was celebrated on this date for the first time. The celebration was revived by Jerome Teelucksingh in Trinidad & Tobago.
22 July 2009 The avoiceformen.com domain was registered.
September 2012 Men's Rights Sydney was founded.
16 November 2012 Warren Farrell gave a speech at the University of Toronto with significant protests.
1 January 2013 Elizabeth Sheehy publishes a book entitled Defending Battered Women on Trial in which she argues that wives should have the right to kill their husbands.
7 March 2013 Janice Fiamengo gave a speech at the University of Toronto with significant protests.
4 April 2013 An event at the University of Toronto introduces the world to Big Red.
26 April 2013 Earl Silverman takes his own life.
31 December 2013 Initial launch of the project that would eventually become Wiki4Men.
26 March 2014 Danielle D’Entremont alleges that she was attacked by a man as a result of her feminist activism.
26 April 2014 Men's Rights Australia founded.
23 May 2014 Isla Vista killings by Elliot Rodger; Feminists try to blame MRAs.
26-28 June 2014 ICMI14 - Detroit, US.
13 September 2014 Men's Rights Melbourne founded.
15 February 2015 21 Coptic Christian men beheaded in Sirte, Libya for refusing to convert to Islam.
8-10 July 2016 ICMI16 - London, UK.
6 November 2016 Screening of The Red Pill in Melbourne, Australia. This was the premier screening in Australia.[1][2][3]
26 December 2016 Screening of The Red Pill at the Ultima Function Centre, Melbourne, Australia. This is the second screening in Australia.[4][5]
14 January 2017 Screening of The Red Pill in Brisbane, Australia. This is the third screening in Australia and the first outside of Melbourne.
21 January 2017 2017 Women's March.
6 April 2017 Menz Summit, New Zealand
5 May 2017 Screening of The Red Pill in Chippendale, Sydney, Australia.[6] This may have been the first screening in Sydney.
11 May 2017 Screening of The Red Pill at the University of Sydney, Australia. Protests and media coverage.[7][8]
June 2017 Australian Men's Rights Association Inc founded.
9-11 July 2017 ICMI17 - Gold Coast, Australia.
20 January 2018 2018 Women's March.
6 April 2018 Menz Summit, New Zealand
June-July 2018 Widespread public calls for a Curfew for Men in Australia.
20-22 July 2018 ICMI18 - London, UK.
25 August 2018 March for Men, Melbourne held.
31 August 2018 - 1 September 2018 Statement Festival, a music festival for non-men, was held in Sweden.
15 December 2018 Earliest Honey Badger Radio episode archived as audio on Spreaker published there.
19 January 2019 2019 Women's March.
March 2019 Launch of Wiki4Men.
12 April 2019 Menz Summit, New Zealand
16-18 August 2019 ICMI19 - Chicago, US.
3 October 2019 White Ribbon Australia goes into liquidation.
4 November 2019 Q&A episode airs in Australia in coordination with the Broadside conference. During the episode feminists openly call for violence against men. The episode was subsequently removed from streaming services by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. From this date feminists can no longer deny that mainstream feminism advocates for violence against men.
22 November 2019 White Ribbon Australia brand purchased by Communicare.[9]
18 January 2020 2020 Women's March (January).
26 January 2020 Bettina Arndt became a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) "for significant service to the community as a social commentator and to gender equity through advocacy for men" on the Australia Day honours list.
3 July 2020 Menz Summit, New Zealand.
11 July 2020 Marc Angelucci murdered allegedly by Roy Den Hollander.
17 October 2020 2020 Women's March (October).
14-19 November 2020 ICMI20 held as a virtual conference.
17 February 2021 Legislation merging the Family Court of Australia with the Federal Circuit Court of Australia passes in the Australian Senate and will become law when it is signed by the Govenor General of Australia in due course.[10]
15 March 2021 Feminist March 4 Justice in Australia. Brittany Higgins was a key speaker.[11]
24 March 2021 Male students at Brauer College in Australia forced to stand and apologise to women for sexism.[12]
21 April 2021 During a presentation on privilege, pronouns, and intersectionality year 11 students at Parkdale Secondary College in Australia who were white, male and Christian were asked to stand. They were then told they were privileged and oppressors.[13]
10 May 2021 Female teacher at Como Secondary College, Western Australia, stormed into the boy's locker room and called them Testosterone-fuelled misogynists for being too loud despite the fact that they were celebrating a sports victory and not discussing women at all.[14]
13 May 2021 The Crime and Corruption Commission, Queensland, Australia, released a report indicating that 200 men were not appointed as Queensland Police recruits as a result of these places going to less qualified women, including six women who failed to meet the standards for admission to the recruit programme.[15]
2 October 2021 2021 Women's March.
19 November 2021 Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty. Brian Martinez notes in his Brian's Badger Lodge stream: "We should always remember that Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on International Men's Day."
13-19 December 2021 ICMI21 held as a virtual conference.
27 May 2022 Verdict in the Depp-Heard defamation trial delivered
15 August 2023 We Hunted the Mammoth announces it is going in to indefinite hiatus.[16][17]
9 November 2023 Parent company G/O Media announces that Jezebel will be shutting down after 16 years of operation.
19 November 2023 International Men's Day. 2,500 Empty Shoes Presentation for Male Suicide - Parliament House, Canberra, Australia.[18][19]


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