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Robert Brockway immediately following ICMI17.

Robert Brockway is an Australian/Canadian MRA and anti-feminist. Robert is concerned for the welfare of men and boys in modern society. In particular he is concerned about the effects of widespread misandry in society and gender biases in addressing domestic violence and intimate partner violence. He advocates for men's rights for the next generation of men and women.

Robert is the president of the Australian Men's Rights Association Inc, Owner & Publisher at A Voice for Men and Managing Editor at Wiki4Men. Robert was formerly Managing Editor at A Voice for Men. He is a former Queensland police officer and an alumni of the University of Queensland.

In 2016 Robert helped organise the third screening of The Red Pill in Australia. This was the first screening of the documentary in Australia outside of Melbourne. Robert was on the organising committee of ICMI17, provided advice and assistance to the organisers of ICMI19, was on the organising committee for ICMI20 and will be working on ICMIs in 2021. Robert has sole responsibility for organising ICMIs in Australia.

Robert spoke at the March for Men in Melbourne, Australia organised by Sydney Watson. Both The Guardian and Red Flag quote mined Robert's speech noting that he said Stop the name calling.[1][2] This line was taken from the middle of a paragraph in Robert's speech and was clearly taken out of context.

Robert regularly publishes articles on A Voice for Men and has given interviews on behalf of Men's Rights Brisbane, Men's Rights Australia, the Australian Men's Rights Association Inc and A Voice for Men. His articles have been cited by academics researching the men's rights movement and men's issues.

Robert has been a proponent of free and open source software since 1994 and also supports the free culture movement and creative commons. He has previously worked at the University of Toronto.

In January 2022 Paul Elam transferred A Voice for Men and all of its intellectual property to Robert.[3]

Selected Presentations

Below is a selected list of public presentations by Mr Brockway including upcoming events.

Year Month Day Location Event Presentation
2017 June 9-11 Australia ICMI17 Various, including introduction.
2018 August 25 Australia March for Men
2020 Online ICMI20
2021 Online ICMI21
2023 September 9 New Zealand Menz Summit TBA
2023 September 30 India ICMI23 TBA


Date Twitter Followers
11 February 2024 1000

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