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Honey Badger Radio refers to the YouTube channels HoneyBadgerRadio and Badger Live Streams, as well as episodes that were never available on either of those but on alternative platforms instead because of the disappearance of the latter channel's videos on April 14, 2022. Honey Badger Radio is hosted by a group of Honey Badgers and supporters in the Honey Badger Brigade and they regularly do discussions about news items and other topics. Each Badger has their own avatar which is normally (but not always) seen on screen whenever that person is live. Some members of the Honey Badger team appear on the channels more frequently than others.


Honey Badger Radio features many different kinds of series of live streams of different styles and focuses.

Badger Bite

Badger Bite is a show style that was launched by Alison Tieman and Brian Martinez launched on January 23, 2022 with this unnumbered episode being the first. The second episode was numbered and aired on January 29. In both episodes, Brian's and Alison's avatars were shown on screen and they were partially on top of the videos they were commenting on, but in the second episode, the avatars were larger and there was no Badger-like "frame" around the actual footage. In episode 5, where Brian had a different (more "scary-looking") avatar than usual, Alison called the show "Honey Badger Bite" (instead of just "Badger Bite").

Badger Gaming Stream

Breaking Badger News

Breaking Badger News are shows about recent news. These segments are typically rather short (eg. about half an hour), though there have been exceptions. These are typically made by Brian Martinez and one other Badger.

Brian's Badger Lodge

As the name suggests, Brian's Badger Lodge shows are hosted by Brian. Brian's Badger Lodge is described as "a show where men can communicate freely, exchange ideas and form bonds with other men."[1]

Community Cozy

Community Cozy was a series of four streams that Brian and Alison did in May and June 2020. In the first three streams they had their cameras on with no avatars on screen, while in the last stream, which was a fundraiser, they had their cameras off and their avatars shown. In the first of these streams, Alison noted that the political left and the right are similar ideologically, they both think that society is at war with women. The difference is that the right thinks women are oppressed in every other society except modern western ones, while the left thinks women are oppressed everywhere but particularly in the west. The name of the series were slightly different in all four streams: the first one was Community Cozy Coffy Comfy Stream[2], the second was Community Cozy Stream[3], the third was Community Cozy[4] and the last one was Community Cozy Fundraiser[5]. The streams were all nonnumbered.


Dating Advice

Dear Badger

The first Dear Badger show was streamed by Alison and Brian on December 12, 2020. The episode streamed on November 26, 2021 did not have Dear Badger in its title, instead it was titled in a way that looks like a new type of show: "I Hate That Men Don’t Want Me" | Dating Advice for Women.

Doge and Aydin Show

Fireside Chat

Fireside Chats are discussions with guests. They typically feature Brian with one guest.

For Teh Lulz

In mid-October 2021, Alison and Brian launched a new show called For Teh Lulz. The purpose of the first stream was to "look at a few funny clips that take the piss out of feminism and women for teh lulz!"[6]

HBR Debate

HBR Debate shows are Brian and Alison commenting on media items or news stories. In these shows, Brian and Alison typically have their camera on and their avatars may be smaller than normal or not shown at all.

HBR Fundraiser Stream

HBR News

HBR News are commentary of news items. Brian Martinez describes them as shows where the Badgers "reflect on the stories of the week and give it the badger treatment."[7]

HBR Society

On September 10, 2021 Alison and Brian started a new show called HBR Society with a stream where they looked at two articles that don't seem that much related but are more so than one would think. One article was from the Wall Street Journal about young men feeling lost in society and the other was about hundreds of millions of dollars spent on gender studies programs in Afghanistan. At 3:03 of that stream Brian said that the show is "called HBR society because we live in one." In the stream, Alison and Brian had their cameras on and small avatars on screen as well.

HBR Talk

HBR Talks are frequent shows that start with an opening video that is usually made by Hannah Wallen. These discussions feature a wide range of Badgers.

Honey Badger Arcade

Maintaining Frame

Maintaining Frame started as something that appeared to be a replacement name for individual episodes of other show types. For instance, this HBR Talk episode was called Maintaining Frame because Hannah was not present (Brian and Alison explained this in the beginning) and also Episode 73 of HBR Debate was called Maintaining Frame. Later it became apparent that Maintaining Frame is a new type of show. In Episode 4 of Alison (5:44-5:51) explained that Maintaining Frame is about "maintaining boundaries when you live in a world full of nonsense." There was no Episode 5, Maintaining Frame 4 was followed by Episode 6.

Men's Mental Health

Men's Mental Health shows feature Prim Reaper and often start with an opening monologue made by her.


Nerdcast used to be a show where Brian and Mike J discuss "the week(s) in geek".[8][9][10][11] On a stream in November 2018 Brian described previous streams as "not having anything really to do with men's issues at all."[12] The name of this show in the first episode was BadgerPodNerdCast, which was spelled as two words (BadgerPod NerdCast) up until episode 56, after which the name of the show was changed to Nerdcast. After episode 78, the show was moved from the HoneyBadgerRadio channel to Badger Live Streams and the episodes became unnumbered and their style changed to the current one, although they could feature other people alongside Brian and Mike J. In the old times, (BadgerPod) Nerdcast featured a wide range of Badgers, including a currently inactive badger Rachel Edwards[13]. In September 2022, Nerdcast came back, featuring Brian and Mike J, with this episode which was numbered 1.


Rage[14][15] (or Ragening[16]) is a show on the HoneyBadgerRadio channel, where Alison and Mike (Doctor Randomercam) respond to media items by other people[16]. In these episodes, Mike and Alison have their cameras on and their avatars are not shown.


Rantzerkers are responses to media items made by others. These segments are long, usually over two hours. Alison and Brian are normally present in these. Occasionally these go by the name Fundzerker, which means that the Badgers are doing a fundraiser while making a response to someone else's media item. Other names that have been used for these are Rant[17][18] and Dogezerker[19]. However, Lulzerker, while ending in -zerker, is not a name for Rantzerkers as the only Lulzerker so far (as of August 1, 2021) was published between Rantzerker episodes 127 and 128[20][21][22]. There have been two Rantzerker episodes number 143, the first one by Brian, Alison and Karen and the second by Brian, Alison and TL;DR.

Red Chill Cinema

Relationship Advice for Men

In mid-June 2021, Alison and Brian started a new show called Relationship Advice for Men which is described as a show where they "will take a look at websites, blogs and videos where advice is given to men on how they can better their lives, health, relationships and futures."[23]

The Week in Men's Rights


Brian Martinez

Brian Martinez is a Latino[24] man from the United States and a frequent host on Badger Live Streams. He has roots in Chicago[25]. He is usually present when the Badgers have a non-Badger guest on their show (e.g. here, here and here). He also hosts the Brian's Badger Lodge. Brian's avatar is a bear-looking character with a skin consisting of light beige and a similar darker colour (gold/dark yellow).

Alison Tieman

Alison Tieman is a Canadian MRA and the founder of Honey Badger Radio. She appears frequently on the channels. Her avatar is a dark-red-skinned character with a headcover with antlers coming out of it which has long nails, showing the backside of her forefinger (which is basically only a nail).

Karen Straughan

Karen Straughan is a Canadian anti-feminist who is heard on the Badger Live Streams channel moderately often. Her avatar is an angry-looking dog-like character with mostly dark brown skin, a sleeveless light greyish-blue shirt, a thin cigarette in her mouth and a green bottle in her hand.

Max Derrat

Max Derrat is a YouTuber on the autism spectrum[26] who used to be a frequent speaker on Honey Badger Radio. He was frequently on the show in 2017, and made appearances in 2018 as well, such as this one. His avatar is a yellow-skinned Simpsons-like character.

Hannah Wallen

Hannah Wallen is a frequent content creator on the Honey Badger channels. She often does openers for the streams called "HBR talk with Hannah Wallen" which are monologues commenting on a recent event or a men's issue. Monologues made by Hannah and sometimes by others, such as Prim Reaper, are also often shown at the beginning of the live streams related to the monologue's topic. Hannah sometimes does HBR Talk episodes with Alison. In both "HBR talk with Hannah Wallen" openers and the HBR talks with Alison she uses an avatar with red skin and a piece of paper which reads "PRESS" fastened on her hat (Alison usually does not use an avatar in these instances, this being an exception). This avatar can even move her mouth. On livestream shows the avatar has the same piece of paper in her hat but a reddish-brown skin.

Prim Reaper

The Prim Reaper is a Canadian-born YouTuber who is heard on the Honey Badger channels moderately often. She is exceptionally often heard in episodes titled Men's Mental Health. Her avatar is a purple-caped grim reaper like character with a black face and red eyes.

Anna Cherry

Anna Cherry is a YouTuber and a neuropsychology graduate[27] who has sometimes been heard on the Honey Badger show. Her avatar is a character with mostly red skin (her ear and a part of her face being white), no shirt but a bra with shiny dark yellow edges. She appeared e.g. on this autism-related stream.


Mike "Doctor Randomercam" is a Badger who has done Rages (or Ragenings) with Alison and is also sometimes heard on other videos as well. His avatar is a panda like character with black clothing, including a hat.[28]

Aydin Paladin

Aydin Paladin is a YouTuber who talks about "politics, news, social psychology, media psychology, human communication and, most importantly memes"[29] and has sometimes appeared on Honey Badger Radio with an avatar that is a person with faded purple hair and a shirt of the same colour with a text "IM NOT DARE DEVIL"[30], though the text is often only partially visible on the Honey Badger show[31][32]. In 2017, Aydin also made an appearance as a Fireside Chat guest[33]. Aydin has also been doing Doge and Aydin Show with Brian.

Deborah Powney

Deborah Powney is a PhD psychology researcher whose specialization is on domestic violence[34]. She occasionally joins the Badgers in the show and her avatar is a woman with purple hair and glasses.

Lindsey Martinez

Lindsey Martinez[35] is a Badger who does not have a YouTube channel advertised on Honey Badger shows' descriptions. Her avatar is a character who holds a stapler in her hand and whose hair and skin are both reddish brown with only slightly different shades. Lindsey is Brian's wife[36]. Example stream with full avatar on screen here.

Lauren Brooks

Lauren Brooks[37] is a Badger who does not have a YouTube channel advertised either. Her avatar has a red skin and curly dark brown hair.

Undercover badger Andrew

Undercover badger Andrew has appeared a couple of times on Honey Badger Radio. According to Hannah, he has "infiltrated academia" and "cleverly disguises himself"[38]. His avatar is a black shadow of a man wearing a hat.


Natty Kadifa

Natty Kadifa[39] is a Badger who appeared on the show with a special avatar that time when the Badgers did a shoutout for Wiki4Men. In that show Natty didn't have a well-established avatar yet and Brian said that Natty is going to go as the Badgers' "British Badger Queen". Thus her avatar was a queen-like character with a white forehead and the rest of her skin red[40]. After that, she got an avatar which is a pair of characters, a mother Badger (mostly red skin, the area upwards from her nose and the middle of the forehead white) holding a baby Badger in her arms; that baby Badger holding a Rubik's cube in its hands.[41][42] Natty also did an interview with an incel on the Badger Live Streams channel and in the video descriptions she was described as "British Badger Belle Natty"[43][44].

Mike J

Mike J is a Badger whose avatar is a man with a rifle and a face mask.[45]

Naama Kates

Naama Kates is a Badger and an "investigative journalist" and host of "The Incel Project"[46]. Her avatar is a woman with gold-colored hair and pink and violet clothing.[47]

Elizabeth Hobson

Elizabeth Hobson is a prominent female MRA but she is rarely heard on the Honey Badger channels. She does have an avatar though, it's a small-looking character with pinkish skin, a red shirt, a dark coat/jacket and bluish-gray glasses. Like Natty, she is also a "British badger Belle".[48]

Therapy Snek

Therapy Snek is an anonymous criminology student who joined the Badgers in 2022 as a guest in HBR Talk episode 209 to discuss his experiences in his field of study[49]. He made another appearance in HBR Talk 213[50]. His avatar is a green snake with a top hat.

Rachel Edwards

Rachel Edwards used to be an active Honey Badger back in the old days when the Badger Live Streams channel did not exist.

Disappearance of Badger Live Streams videos

On April 14, 2022 all videos of the Badger Live Streams channel disappeared. After that, the next stream (HBR Talk 220) was shown on Twitter and Rumble. In the next stream (Twitter) at 7:06 Alison explained something about the disappearance of Badger Live Streams videos on YouTube. According to Alison, YouTube made "a very interesting determination on content that it deemed to be nudity and sexuality for the sake of gratification", the videoclip in question being "a bunch of men's issues advocates sharing a cliop of a man being groped in public and condemning it" which YouTube deemed to have been shared not to raise awareness of the issue of men being sexually assaulted but rather to offer sexual gratification to people. Some videos became later publicly available again, and as of April 28, 2022, there were 16 public videos on the Badger Live Streams YouTube channel. Since then, a lot more videos have come back, but not all.

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