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The Prim Reaper is a Canadian-born[1] anti-feminist YouTuber and an occasional Honey Badger live stream host. Her oldest video related to nonfeminism was published on January 25, 2017 (she had published a few unrelated videos before that too). She calls herself a "Master of Counselling graduate and an aspiring men's counsellor and psychologist."[2] Her avatar is a character that looks like a grim reaper with a face shaped like more or less like "♠". She has made videos about the misuse of certain words like homophobia and racism (part 2) and also about polarization (here and here). She typically pronounces the term "emotional labor" in a mocking manner (e.g. here, here and here). She has an enthusiastic fanbase, her modern videos often get a comment something akin to "PRIMM!!" showing her how much welcomed her new videos are.

The Prim Reaper was the April model for the 2018 calendar of the Lovely Ladies of the Men's Movement.

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