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The Lovely Ladies of the Men's Movement was started by Modern Medusa and mad_cat. The intended goal was to demonstrate that many women do support the Men's Movement and raise awareness for issues that men face. They created the first ever calendar for the Men's Movement, Lovely Ladies for Men's Issues.

Note: Understand at the time the calendar was made, nothing was known of the character of the models that would be later revealed after the release of the calendar. They're only mentioned here due to their involvement.

2018 Calendar

Starting in 2017, the Modern Medusa and mad_cat, with the help of Reading Wren set about to create the first calendar for the Men's Movement. The calendar featured 12 women who gave active support of men, with each month dedicated to a men's issue and a fact.

Model Issue
January Anna Cherry Education
February Rachel Souza Male Genital Mutilation
March Shagrin False Rape Accusation
April Prim Reaper Domestic Violence
May Unvarnished Void Homelessness
June N/A* Paternity Rights
July Reading Wren Veteran's Mental Health
August Sassy Shelly Custody and Child Support
September Stuttering Soliloquy Workplace Environment
October Modern Medusa Prisoner's Rights
November Based Mama Other Men's Facts
December Mercedes Carrera Resources for Men

* Does not want their name associated with the product any longer


Barcroft TV reached out to Modern Medusa to do a story about women in the Men's Movement. While it was great to get media attention for this and the Lovely Ladies could feature the calendar, this seemed more of a hit piece than trying to convey the good that this group was doing.

For instance, it was called "The Women Stripping Off - For Men’s Rights", strongly indicating that women were either whoring themselves off or getting naked in the name of Men's Rights (neither of which were true). No question was asked about men involved or any mention of co-founded mad_cat. They also edited footage to make Modern Medusa look ditzy, who was actually nervous due to this being her first interview.

2020 Calendar

November 5, 2019 was the last day to order the 2020 calendar.[1]