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Men and boys are experiencing various problems in education today:

  • Boys not performing well in school
  • Boys being marked down by female teachers
  • Men abandoning tertiary education

Primary School

Female teachers have a tendency to mark-down boys. This results in boys appearing

This is only true if education is counted merely as years of formal schooling. This discounts the vastly different value (and earning potential) of engineering over gender studies and also discounts all forms of informal education. It even seems to exclude non-tertiary training such as apprenticeships.

Two problems arise from measuring education in years of formal schooling.

  1. Not every year of formal schooling is equally valuable. A year in engineering is worth more to the individual and society than a year in gender studies.
  2. Not all education is acquired formally.

Research conducted by the London School of Economic's Centre for Economic Performance and elsewhere found that female teachers tend to mark down male students.[1] The research went on to show that male students recognise this and tend to put less effort in for female teachers, recognising that they will be subject to discrimination. In contrast female students tend to put in more effort for male teachers despite male teachers marking students fairly regardless of gender.[2][3]

Follow up research by the OECD confirmed these results across 60 countries.[4][5] Research carried out at MIT also confirmed that female teachers tend to mark boys down but male teachers tend to mark fairly across genders.[6][7]

Some researchers claim that this is a result of boys being more disruptive in class and female teachers tending to academically mark down students as a result of disruptive behaviour.

Some research suggests that boys tend to do better when assessed by exam and girls tend to do better when assessed by course work.[8][9][10][11] This may be partly a result of a tendency for boys to engage in risky behaviour.[12][13]



While it is true that women now constitute a significant majority of University students, all degrees are not equal. Men continue to dominate in degrees in STEM disciplines, which are the principal drivers of innovation in the modern economies.

  • University
    • Due process
    • Falling enrollments

Literacy & Numeracy

Father's Involvement

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