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Bettina Arndt is an Australian anti-feminist and is often identified in the media as a men's rights activist. In the 1970s she trained as a clinical psychologist and then became a sex therapist and has since had a long career in challenging anti-male propaganda pushed by feminists[1]. As a YouTuber, she has talked a lot about stuff related to the fake rape crisis on college campuses ([1], [2], [3], [4]). She is also the author of the #MenToo book.

Bettina has been cancelled at least twice (see here for a video about a 2018 cancellation and here for a StudioBrule interview about the 2020 cancellation). In 2020, the coronavirus saved her by taking all Australian media attention from her to itself[2]. According to Bettina, the mob also went after her children (see here at 561 seconds).

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