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StudioBrule was a YouTube channel containing mostly of live streams by Steve Brulé and The Fiamengo Files episodes by Janice Fiamengo.

First video

When Warren Farrell was cancelled in 2012, the video of the protests (preventing people from entering the lecture hall) was uploaded on the StudioBrule channel. On that video you can, for example, hear a man who would have wanted to attend Farrell's lecture being called a "fucking rape apologist incest-supporting woman hating fucking scum" by a protester. The video was uploaded on November 29, 2012.


Around August 2015 to June 2016, a typical StudioBrule video was a Fiamengo Files episode. Then the channel started uploading lots of other stuff as well, but The Fiamengo Files never stopped, as evidenced by the fact that an episode has been published as recently on March 31, 2021 (that was the most recent episode as of April 16, 2021).

Around January 2019 to April 2020, Regarding Men episodes were uploaded also to the StudioBrule channel. In early 2020, Steve Brule started doing "Coffee Break" live streams by himself with this being the first stream. In May 2020 the name of the streams changed to "Coffee with Steve". In that first episode, Paul Elam and Tom Golden joined as guests at some point after the halfway mark. Up until the very end of the channel, Steve Brulé produced Coffee with Steve episodes on the channel, and a typical episode was him reading screenshots of news items from a large number of sources and giving commentary of them.

Steve Brule has also produced a professionally made video series called The Red Zone with four episodes before the channel's deletion from YouTube. After some weeks (not more than a month) of the deletion of the YouTube channel, these videos, as well as a closely related video titled The Birth of Feminism at Seneca Falls New York, 1848, were removed also from StudioBrule's Odysee channel and they are currently available on an Odysee channel called The Red Zone with Steve Brule. The video titled The Birth of Feminism at Seneca Falls New York, 1848 video may currently be seen as an introduction to the series as its title does not suggest that the video would even being part of the series (but its style and professionality do, meaning that it was closely related to the series right from the beginning). All these five videos are currently behind a paywall.

In the summer of 2021, StudioBrule got its second strike on YouTube, and a third strike would get the entire channel deleted. Thus Steve announced that the strategy will be putting "teaser clips" on YouTube while the "bulk of the material" will be put on Odysee.[1] The links for StudioBrule videos before the announcement are archived here.

In August 2021, the following tweets were published on StudioBrule's Twitter account:

"YouTube is a bait and switch scam. They tricked us all into building their business and power, and now they are censoring us for the elite"[2]
"YouTube has disabled all monetization for Studio Brule. They have decided that "controversial issues" are "harmful to viewers." While we look for a way forward you can find all of our content on Odysee @StudioBruleArchive", following screenshot saying: "1. Review our feedback", "Our reviewers found that your channel contains the following:", "Harmful content", "Content that focuses on controversial issues and that is harmful to viewers. Learn more[3]
"Nov 16, 2012 I started Studio Brule on YouTube and published the protest of Warren Farrell. It immediately went viral and I felt a surge of hope for the democratization of media. Today, Fri Aug 13, 2021, almost 9 years later, that dream is dead. Big Tech has become Big Brother."[4]
"We are facing the full blown archetypal villains of mythology in our day, in the flesh, in the elite owners of Big Tech and MSM. Nothing less than the ideal of freedom and equality for all hangs in the balance."[5]

After that, the channel is no longer available on YouTube and the videos it contained are either private or not on the website at all.

The Fiamengo Files

The Fiamengo Files was a video series of monologues by Janice Fiamengo, and its episodes were uploaded to the StudioBrule channel. In those videos, Janice commented on things related to feminism and men's rights. Steve Brule is the producer of this show[6].

One World Government

On the third Red Zone episode, Steve Brulé argues that the elites of the world (people like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos) are trying to create a global government with themselves as emperors of the planet, essentially eliminating the sovereignity of nation states. According to Steve, funding feminism is a powerful way to achieve that. Steve has mentioned this particular video many times in later streams (e.g. here at 447 seconds, here at 2793 seconds, here at 173 seconds and here at 2931 seconds), showing how important this video is on that channel.

If trying to create a global government really is the elites' goal, trying to prevent it from happening should probably be the entire nonfeminist and anti-globalist movements' number one focus at the moment. After all, a global government could be as tyrannical as they wanted and it wouldn't be sanctioned nor boycotted by other countries as there would be no other countries to do the boycotting.

After the ban: The Patriarchy

On October 1, 2021, Steve and Janice came back with a new video on Odysee, which they advertised on a new YouTube channel called The Patriarchy, where the Warren Farrell protest had been reuploaded a few weeks prior. On October 24, a re-uploading project of old StudioBrule videos started on a channel called Studio B, starting with the Warren Farrell protest video[7][8] and this was announced on October 27 on StudioBrule's Twitter account[9].

Studio B

Not many videos were published on The Patriarchy. As of August 5, 2022 there were four videos on that channel. The active channel is called Studio B, where new Fiamengo Files episodes (under the name The Fiamengo File 2.0) have been published. Coffee with Steve has also continued.

Videos deleted from YouTube prior to the deletion of the channel

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