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In 2019 Brittany Higgins was working in Parliament House in Canberra for the Liberal Party of Australia. Higgins states that after a night of drinking she voluntarily accompanied an unnamed man in a taxi. She stated that rather than going in the direction of both of their houses the taxi dropped them off at Parliament House where both of them worked. Higgins then signed herself in as the guest of the man who had his staff pass with him.[1]

Higgins claims that she went with the man to an office where she went to sleep. She claims that she awoke later to find the man on top of her having intercourse with her.

After advising that she would make a formal complaint to police Higgins said:

"I would also ask that they handle it in a timely manner as to date, I have waited a long time for justice." [2]

Receiving justice is predicated on making a complaint to police.

"But when contacted by, the staffer, who still works in Mr Morrison’s office, insisted he was never told Ms Higgins had been raped and had simply been asked to help find her another job after the election." [3]


Comments by Peter Butler

Mr Peter Butler was Director Security Operations for the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) at the time of the alleged rape in 2019. When interviewed by Fairfax Media, Butler called it a tragic incident:

“In my previous role as the Director Security Operations for DPS at the time of this tragic incident, I provided assistance to police undertaking certain inquiries,” [4]

And then later in the same article stated that he could not comment further as it may compromise an ongoing investigation:

“As this is an ongoing matter I may be called upon to provide further assistance to the authorities so it would be inappropriate for me to comment further and potentially compromise any potential inquiries or investigation.” [5]

March 4 Justice

Brittany Higgins:

"I watched as people hid behind throwaway phrases like due process and

presumption of innocence while failing to acknowledge how the justice system

is notoriously stacked against victims of sexual crime."[6]

She thinks these are throwaway phrases.

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