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The main purpose of the Wiki4Men is to provide a repository for information, studies, and research on men and boys and the broad range of issues affecting them, without feminist, misandric, gynocentric or woke bias. Wiki4Men also discusses issues of interest to MRAs, documents the evolution of the men's rights movement itself & misandry for posterity, and discusses issues of identity politics beyond the sphere of gender. Starting in November 2023 issues of interest to that are more likely to be of interest to men men are being added to the wiki.

These days it seems you don't need to look far to see negativity focused at men. What is often known as casual misandry permeates western civilisation where many men and women commonly make negative statements about men without apparently regarding this as a problem or being challenged by anyone else present. This problem has steadily deteriorated and we have now reached the point that books with titles such as Are Men Necessary? When Sexes Collide[1] and The End of Men[2] can be published without significant objection from the wider community.

Negative and inaccurate portrayals of men and boys have permeated mainstream media and online knowledge repositories such as Wikipedia, where the bias is particularly evident. Wikipedia editors routinely write negative commentaries about men and Wikipedia admins protect those commentaries while censoring counter-narratives that might show less biased, more accurate information. This practice is reinforced by feminist editing gangs who congregate in regular 'edit-a-thons'[3][4][5] with the sole purpose of increasing feminist ideology within Wikipedia articles, and to censor male-positive discourse and research on men. In a nutshell those in control of Wikipedia have succeeded in deplatforming much reliable information about men and boys.

This site encourages publication of factual information about men and women and the cultural contexts in which they meet. It aims to be the keeper of rational and evidence-based conclusions, while rejecting popular forms of gender bigotry.

Due to licence compatibility articles may be imported from Wikipedia with appropriate attribution. These articles can then be corrected for woke bias and other problems. Generally only selected sections of articles are imported from Wikipedia as many Wikipedia articles are now so long that they obscure important information.

Wiki4Men rejects gynocentric and misandric narratives.

The table below provides information on the number of articles in Wiki4Men.

Category Number
Biographies 2,909
Featured 1,340
Glossary 405
Unknown Persons 143
Information Technology 27
Total 8,141

Featured articles may appear on A Voice for Men or other sites.

Wiki4Men is brought to you by A Voice for Men. More information on the wiki itself is available here. The Managing Editor is Robert Brockway.

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The Men's Rights Movement exists raise awareness of, to address certain problems facing men and boys. Issues include:


We welcome and encourage contributions from supporters of men's equality and human rights. Non-feminists please feel free to send contributions or apply for an editor's account by emailing Doing so indicates your agreement to comply with editorial and copyright policy. New editors should start here.


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