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Parental Alienation


“A ten-year study in Queensland, the Queensland Suicide Registry (QSR), is the best overall insight we have into causes of suicide as it relates to relationship breakdown in Australia. The findings relate only to Queensland, but it’s by far the most detailed data on the subject. If we extrapolate the findings across Australia, we find that of the 44 men that take their lives each week, 11 or so of those will have done so specifically due to relationship conflict, relationship separation or child custodial issues. That’s 25 per cent or one in four of all male suicides, a statistic rarely seen in the media and certainly not well known amongst the public. The fact is, relationship separation is one of the greatest risk factors for suicidal men, particularly when children are involved.

Of those 11 or so men each week, 9-10 will be related specifically to separation and 1-2 will be related specifically to child custodial." -- Pete Nicholls, Parents Beyond Breakup


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