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Endeavouring to reduce violence against women is a worthy pursuit but so it endeavouring to reduce violence against men. There is no need to be exclusive in attempting to reduce violence. If violence breeds violence then the optimum way to reduce violence is to work against all violence.

Men are approximately twice as likely to be a victim of violence than women. This is true across all ages groups and cultures. Some may suggest that the majority of violence on men is perpetrated by other men. This is true but it is a specious response. A discussion on the victims of violence should focus on the victims, how to help them and how to hopefully prevent repetition.

Men are just as deserving of protection from violence as women are. This is legally and morally true although it is the case that many police forces around the world do not take violence against men perpetrated by women as seriously as other forms of violence.

We should all work together to reduce violence against all humans.

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