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The phrase The future is female is a common feminist slogan. The plain meaning of these words is that the future will be dominated by women.

Feminists assert that this slogan actually means that the future will be egalitarian.[1][2] Most feminists are apparently unaware that the slogan originated among separatist feminists in the 1970s and was intended to be an expression of female supremacy.[3] The first known use of the phrase was at the separatist feminist bookstore Labyris in New York City in 1972.[4][5] The Washington Post noted:

In 1975, photographer Liza Cowan captured an image of her then-girlfriend, singer-songwriter Alix Dobkin, wearing a white T-shirt that bore the slogan over a powder-blue turtle neck. Cowan published it as part of her slide show, “What The Well Dressed Dyke Will Wear,” and feminists claimed Labyris’ words, wearing them on clothing and pins to rallies and protests. [6]

The phrase has been heavily critiqued by non-feminists and even casual feminists for its misandric implications.[7][8][9]

The phrase is often incorrectly attributed to Sally Miller Gearhart as a result of her 1980 essay The Future--If there is one--Is Female. The title of Gearhart's essay is likely to have been inspired by the slogan which had been in common use among feminists for several years by that time.

Given that Gearhart's use of the phrase is largely responsible for the modern usage it retains its connection to eugenics.

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