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Zoe Doran McLellan (born November 6, 1974) is an American actress known for roles in JAG, Dirty Sexy Money, NCIS: New Orleans and Designated Survivor. As of February 2024 a warrant is outstanding for the arrest of McLellan in relation to charges of kidnapping, child stealing and child custody deprivation.[1][2]

Personal Life

McLellan was born in La Jolla, California, and raised in Washington state. In 1992, she was homecoming queen at South Kitsap High School in Port Orchard, Washington.

She has a sister, Cassie and two brothers, Nathan and Jeremy.[3][4]

McLellan is related on her mother's side to the Boh family who run a large construction firm based in New Orleans, Boh Bros. Construction.[5][6][7][8][9][10]

McLellan married actor J. P. Gillain in February 2012 and gave birth to a son, Sebastian, in 2013. McLellan and Gillain separated in 2014, with McLellan filing for custody of their son. A custody battle ensued, with Gillain going to court in 2015 when McLellan took their son when she left Los Angeles to work in New Orleans; the couple settled the custody arrangements before the judge had to make a ruling. Their divorce was finalized in 2016. Custody battles continued, and in 2019 McLellan started a personal fund raising effort on FundRazr, thru which she accused Gillain of inappropriate sexual actions towards their son. While Gillain was arrested on first-degree rape and aggravated crime against nature charges against their son in January 2020, all charges were dropped for insufficient evidence in May 2020.[11]


In 1995, she began her career on television, appearing over the next five years on episodes of Sliders, Diagnosis: Murder, and Star Trek: Voyager. In 2000, McLellan had her first major movie role, in the fantasy film Dungeons & Dragons.

In 2001, McLellan joined the cast of CBS procedural JAG, in a recurring role as Navy Petty Officer Jennifer Coates. For the final season of the show she was elevated to series regular. After the series ended, McLellan was cast as the wife of Peter Krause's character, in the ABC soapy comedy-drama series Dirty Sexy Money. The series was canceled after two seasons in 2009. McLellan later guest-starred on House and The Mentalist, and also had roles in Lifetime TV movies.

In 2014, she began playing the female leading role in the CBS procedural drama NCIS: New Orleans. In July 2016, it was reported that she would not return for season three.

In 2017, McLellan was cast in a series regular role in the second season of ABC's Designated Survivor as White House Counsel Kendra Daynes.

Timeline of Disappearance

Date Event
16 April 2019 For the Lost website reports last sighting of Sebastian Gillain.[12][13]
9 November 2020 Sole physical and legal custody of Sebastian Gillain awarded to his father Jean Gillain. Visitation by Zoe McLellan was denied.
14 May 2021 Arrest warrant was issued for Zoe McLellan in relation to charges of kidnapping, child stealing and child custody deprivation.


Current Whereabouts

The current whereabouts of McLellan are not known to authorities. Several suggestions have been proposed by interested parties.

McLellan was reportedly residing in an apartment in River Ridge, Louisiana in April 2021 and may still be residing in the area.[14][15][16][17]

McLellan grew up in the area of Port Orchard and may have returned to the area.

Some sources believe that McLellan has left the United States and is residing in Canada or Costa Rica.

Prior to disappearing McLellan was known to use the alias Sarah Chandler.[18]

Anyone with any relevant information should contact the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s investigator, Claudia Rodriguera.

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