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Julie Bindel is a British radical feminist journalist who currently writes for The Guardian.[1]

Bindel is sometimes confused with Julie Burchill due to both being British radical feminist journalists of around the same age with similar names.

As far back as 1999 Bindel has been critical of Erin Pizzey.[2][3]

In 2006 Bindel wrote an article entitled While I hate men.[4][5]


In response to the question will heterosexuality survive women’s liberation? Bindel stated:

It won’t, not unless men get their act together, have their power taken from them and behave themselves. I mean, I would actually put them all in some kind of camp where they can all drive around in quad bikes, or bicycles, or white vans. I would give them a choice of vehicles to drive around with, give them no porn, they wouldn’t be able to fight – we would have wardens, of course! Women who want to see their sons or male loved ones would be able to go and visit, or take them out like a library book, and then bring them back.

And I am sick of hearing from individual women that their men are all right. Those men have been shored up by the advantages of patriarchy and they are complacent, they are not stopping other men from being shit.

I would love to see a women’s liberation that results in women turning away from men and saying: “when you come back as human beings, then we might look again.”[6]

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