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Janet Bloomfield, also known as Judgy Bitch, was a honey badger that was active within the men's rights movement from 2013 to 2019. The name Janet Bloomfield is an alias used to protect herself and her family. Janet was doxed by feminists. Eventually her real name was widely circulated online. In 2019 Janet withdrew from public activism relating to anti-feminism and men's rights following threats against her children.[1]

In October 2012[2] she started a blog named JudgyBitch.com with a college friend, writing about how her friends were disdainful of her choice to be a homemaker, and dependent on a man; about how when her parents divorced, her mother was able to win child custody and turn her and her three brothers against their father; and how even her film theory courses taught students to view movies through a feminist filter.

Janet Bloomfield first became involved with A Voice for Men in 2013[3] and later held the position of Head of Social Media.

She publicly opposed women's suffrage, a position rejected by the vast majority of MRAs. She wrote that women historically made bad decisions, especially on economics, defense, and immigration, while being immune from conscription and therefore the blood consequences of those decisions. She believed some women could earn the right to vote by having sons, husbands, or serving in the military.[4][5][6]

Janet Bloomfield appeared on Viceland, the BBC, the NBC Today Show and on The Doctors.[7][8][9][10]

Before withdrawing from activism she allowed many of her articles to be moved to the website FEMoid.[11] As of March 2024 the site femoid.com redirects to an unrelated site. The status of Janet Bloomfield's articles is unknown. Some of her articles were reproduced on A Voice for Men when originally written.

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