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Hannah Pearl Davis, better known as Pearl Davis or by the name of her channels Just Pearly Things is an American anti-feminist Youtuber and TikToker. Active from 2021, her profile increased considerably from 2022 onwards.[1]

Like Lori Alexander and Janet Bloomfield, Davis has repeatedly stated that she opposes women's suffrage. She further argues that divorce should be illegal.[2]

In December 2022 Pearl participated in a panel discussion on Feminism held by Vice and was lauded for her performance. Sydney Watson also appeared on the panel.[3]

In June 2023 Davis began responding to videos produced by Paul Elam.[4]

Davis has interviewed Janice Fiamengo, Mike Buchanan and Paul Elam among many others.

In July 2023 Davis released a video of her singing a self-written song, Why Can't We Talk About the Jews?. The song was dedicated to Nick Fuentes. The video was subsequently deleted.[5][6][7][8]

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