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This is a table of terms coined by well-known anti-feminists, MRAs and famous people who have been cancelled for criticizing feminism or its sister ideologies. If the term has an article, a source to the coinage will be linked after the term in the "Term" column. The table includes also words with articles that were coined by people who have taken a stance against feminism.

Term Coined by Meaning
apex fallacy Dr Helen Smith Judging a group based on its most successful members
Brighton Model Ava Brighton A hypothetical gender-neutral version of the Duluth model
Critical Racist Theology Steve Brulé A more accurate name for Critical Race Theory
fonosandry Ava Brighton Advocacy to eradicate the male sex
frontman fallacy [1] Peter Zohrab The (mistaken) belief that people in positions of authority will use their power mainly to benefit members of group they belong
INAF-G Displaying traditional gynocentric attitudes and/or behaviors
meme Richard Dawkins (originally) something which spreads from person to person in a culture; (now) viral circulating media items on the Internet
PIGTOW [2] Paul Elam An ideological, misogynistic MGTOW man
simp-a-cide Paul Elam Of a man, getting killed by a woman after staying with her despite knowing she's dangerous
womavoiding Ava Brighton Avoiding women (prediction of a future criminal offense legislated by feminists)
Victorian fallacy Robert Brockway The mistaken belief that all of world history was like the Victorian era.]]
zeta male Paul Elam A man outside the hierarchy of males who is still open to being in a relationship