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Simp-a-cide is a colloquialism coined by Paul Elam referring to the behaviour of men who willingly collaborate in their own demise, whether physically, psychologically, socially or materially, at the hands of women.

"I want to introduce a new word into the lexicon; Simp-a-cide. This is where men who know women are dangerous, in some cases know they are killers, stay with them and sometimes past the point where she has already tried to kill them. Guys if you end up dying that way is not suicide - its not like suicide by cop or suicide by an abusive partner; its not homicide because homo sapien, which is the root of homicide, implies that you are somewhat human, and if you want to get back with the woman who just shot you, then there's something wrong enough with you that we can sortof take you out of the human category. You are a simp that is begging to get killed, so I vote to call it simp-a-cide. Guys, don't be a simp-a-cide. There are mild forms of simp-a-cide too, guys that stay long past the point that their lives are ruined in relationships when the abuse become chronic, where they are either getting beat on or she's cheating chronically, stealing money from the home, all kind of things - those guys that live with this stuff and put up with it saying "oh I don't know what to do!" - "Well leave her" - "Oh no I can't do that"...... just get the fuck out, you can leave her."[1]

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