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The following dates are offered as important dates in men's rights and worthy of special consideration.

Day Month Year Event
24 February 2016 Angry Harry passes away from natural causes.
7 March 2013 Janice Fiamengo's seminal speech at the University of Toronto.
25 April 1915 ANZAC Day, Australia and New Zealand.
9 June 2017 First day of ICMI17.
26 June 2014 First day of ICMI14.
8 July 2016 First day of ICMI16.
20 July 2018 First day of ICMI18.
16 August 2019 First day of ICMI19.
11 November 1918 Armistice Day.
16 November 2012 Warren Farrell's seminal speech at the University of Toronto.
19 November 1999 International Men's Day.
19 November 2020 First day of ICMI20.
13 December 2021 First day of ICMI21.

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