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Rape is sex with another person without that person’s consent (the actus reus, or "guilty act" component) and, together with knowledge (or reasonable expectation of knowledge — the mens rea, or "guilty mind" component), the corresponding crime in most jurisdictions.

The exact definition of rape as a crime varies from place to place and time to time. One particular form of rape that tends to lack recognition is rape of men by women, which can be by means of psychological abuse and coercion, or flat-out violent rape by envelopment. Male-on-male rape tends to be recognised and harshly condemned in the case of older predators raping boys, less so in the context of the gay community. In the context of prisons, the existence of male-on-male rape is fully recognised, but frequently turned into a joke about ‘dropping the soap’ and/or dismissed as fair punishment for the criminal activity that resulted in the incarceration.

Feminist ideology makes much of a concept of ‘rape culture’, according to which rape (understood as rape of women by men) is normalised and condoned. MHRAs tend to counter that such rape is one of the most harshly condemned crimes in Western society.

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