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The NISVS (National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey) is a series of American surveys about intimate partner and sexual violence where "rape" has been defined as forcibly sticking a penis into another person's body, or alternatively sticking a finger or an object into another person's vagina or anus, while classifying forcing a man insert his penis inside a perpetrator's body as "made to penetrate" instead of "rape". Attempting to penetrate or be penetrated also count as sexual violence.

In the 2010 NISVS an estimated 1,270,000 women had been raped during the previous 12 months (Table 2.1), while an estimated 1,267,000 men had been victims of "made to penetrate" during the same period (Table 2.2). Had they used a gender-neutral definition of "rape" where any forced penetration and an attempt thereof would count as "rape", they would have ended up saying that 49.94 % of previous-12-month rape victims were men. The study also reports (page 24) that of the perpetrators of "made to penetrate" with male victims in the lifetime statistics were 79.2 % female while leaving the previous 12 month perpetrator statistic unreported. This means that the male to female ratio in both rapists and rape victims is much closer to 50-50 than to, say 99% female victims with 99 % male perpetrators.

In one Honey Badger livestream (at 69:14), Alison Tieman told that she thought that she had an anonymous friend who had the required academic credentials to see the previous 12 month perpetrator statistic which is not reported in the study. According to Tieman, this anonymous friend would have seen that the previous 12 month sex of perpetrator percentage of "made to penetrate" with male victims is the same as the lifetime percentage.

Previous 12 month statistics summary

In the following table, the column "Female perpetrators in MTP" is the percentage of how many men reported only female perpetrators in the lifetime statistics of "made to penetrate". The studies do not report the previous 12 month statistics, meaning that these are lower bounds (hence the "(≥)" before the percentages). If one has only been raped by members of one sex during their lifetime, they cannot logically have been raped by members of the other sex during the previous 12 months.

The page number listed after a semicolon ";" in the "Source" column is the page number for the percentage of lifetime female perpetrators in "made to penetrate".

Rape vs. Made to penetrate - previous 12 month statistics
Year Women raped Men made to penetrate Female perpetrators in MTP Source
2010 1,270,000 1,267,000 (≥) 79.2 % pages 18, 19; 24
2011 922,000 962,000 (≥) 82.6 % pages 10; 6
2015 1,484,000 827,000 Not reported pages 15, 16

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