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Negative sum game is a term Alison Tieman has used in describing the fight to solve men's issues. She described it as follows:

"If a social problem is perceived to primarily affect women, we care. If it's perceived to affect women because they're women, we care even more. If we make male victims of that social ill visible, we don't just split our care between male and female victims, we stop caring about that social problem entirely. If a problem affects 50 women it will get funding. If it's seen to also affect an additional 50 men, the funding isn't doubled, or even split between the two groups, it's yanked entirely and we stop caring about solving the problem, even if that means leaving those 50 female victims out in the cold."

Alison talked about this phenomenon in her ICMI18 talk. In that talk, she told that she once did a podcast with a male feminist who got very angry with her arguing for the harmfulness of "reducing women down to victims". Later, the male feminist started to attack Alison after she had argued that radical Islam harms also men, not just women. He accused her of "Islam apologia", "excusing" radical Islam. This is despite Alison essentially claiming that Islam has double the number of victims compared what many people (those who focus on the ways Islam oppresses women) realise (the other half being men and the more widely recognized half being women). She then made the comparison to noting that a serial killer having 100 victims instead of 50 being "apologizing for his behavior". These reactions would be absurd in a hypothetical non-gynocentric society with non-gynocentric people, but the notion of men's issues being a negative sum game explains this kind of behavior very well (gynocentrism being the explanation for why this is a negative-sum game).

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