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A woman identifed by Miami-Dade Police Department only as Mrs McLemore has allegedly assaulted a male passenger reported to be her partner on an American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles. The alleged assault involved punches and smashing the man over the head with a laptop computer. As the man and woman are reportedly in a relationship this incident constitutes intimate partner violence. Police reported that the victim of the alleged assault was uncooperative.[1]

A witness to the incident, Julia Scorupco, stated:

“But, she did say a lot of hurtful and racist things about him and his upbringing, background and heritage — most of which wasn’t recorded, so it was hard to watch. And of course, there’s absolutely no excuse for physical abuse.”[2]

In addition to the physical abuse this incident is reminiscent of a series of racist public rants in Australia in that the perpetrator was a woman and the location was associated with public transport.

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