Racist public rants in Australia

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Over the last few years a series of racist public rants in Australia have been filmed and distributed online. While the victims of these rants have been men or women the perpetrators have always been women. This trend was noticed years ago and continues to the present time.

5 June 2013


25 February 2014

Two women cast racial slurs and assaulted an elderly man who was unable to see after his glasses were knocked off when he was attacked. Despite initial media reports the man apparently does not identify as aborigine.[1][2][3]

4 July 2014

Karen Bailey, then 55, originally identified in the media as Sue Wilkins, was arrested after verbally abusing a caucasian man and his asian girlfriend. As well as making racist remarks to the asian woman Wilkins suggested the man must have a small penis to be having a relationship with an Asian woman.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

Bailey was quoted as saying:

"Can't you get an Aussie girlfriend? You had to get a gook, you sad, poor pathetic man... Is it really that small you can't get an Aussie girl?"[11]

Following the incident Bailey stated:

“It’s not nice what I did to that lady.

“It wasn’t nice to say that to her because it’s not nice when people say that to me… call me white trash and fatso.

“I know how it hurts and I shouldn’t be saying it to other people.” [12][13]

Apparently no apology for the man was forthcoming.

23 August 2014

An Aborginal woman verbally abuses and racially vilifies an Asian woman on a train in the city of Perth.[14]

27 July 2016

An elderly woman told a young Australian-born man that was recording the video that he should go back to New Zealand, the country of his father. She went on to say that all foreigners should go home.[15][16]

24 August 2016

A woman verbally abused an Asian passenger on a Sydney commuter train and then assaulted a man who tries to intervene.[17][18]

23 January 2017

An Asian woman verbally abuses a Middle Eastern woman and repeatedly calls her a terrorist, all in broken English.[19][20]

23 May 2017

A woman verbally abused an Asian passenger on a Sydney commuter train.[21][22]

15 January 2019

A Muslim woman wearing a scarf was verbally abused on a Melbourne train. The name of the woman that attacked her has apparently not been released. She is described only as a "39 year old Clayton woman."[23][24]

20 May 2020

Jennifer Li was verbally abused with racist taunts by an unknown woman. The woman was quoted as saying:

"Why don't you f***ing go back to China and keep your disease over there, you f***ing idiot," the woman said. [25][26]

A man accompanying the woman later joined in. Neither the woman nor the man were located by police who attended later.

25 March 2021

A pregnant Asian woman who prefers to remain anonymous was subjected to racist abuse from another pregnant woman while both were apparently awaiting ultrasounds. [27][28]

August 2022

Model and influencer Lizzie Cao has been racially vilified by a woman during dispute over a carpark.[29][30]

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