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Misogyny is hatred towards, or prejudice against, women. Actual misogyny is a serious problem. However, feminists often overuse the word to the point that it can refer to whatever it needs to in order to shut down a conversation. This can include critiquing feminism, critiquing any individual woman, or simply being male.

Many MRAs argue that the term misogyny has been so over-used by feminists that it is now effectively meaningless. The ease with which feminists accuse people (particularly men) of misogyny can be seen through its use in the media. When former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was appointed to an advisory role to the team negotiating a trade deal with the UK after Brexit, Labour International trade spokesperson Emily Thornberry called Abbott an offensive, aggressive, leering, gaffe-prone misogynist.[1] She did this without apparently feeling there was any need to justify her claim that Abbott hates or is prejudiced against women.