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Lauren LaVera is an American actress born in Philidephia, Pennsylvania.


LaVera has been known to publicly call men incels:

Bella Ramsey as the incels cry that she doesn’t “look” like the fake 14 yr old video game character they fetishized for so long. [1][2]

Lauren LaVera referring to men as incels.

LaVera goes on to claim that she only means some men:

It’s fascinating to me that some ppl think I mean “all men” or “all gamers” when i use the word incel. Like I obviously don’t think all men or all gamers are incels. Only the incels. Keepin an eye on those who got a little too defensive about this[3][4]

Lauren lavere incels 2.png

LaVere went on to respond to comments that calling men incels is not ok:

Damn, u really stay following me just to disagree, huh? Let me help u out: I promise you actors don’t act to be verbally abused, they do it to share their art and hopefully it will help someone. And if you feel seen when I use the word incel or bigot, that sounds like a u problem [5][6]

Lauren lavere incels 3.png

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