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Mr Kenan Basic is an Australian man who was falsely accused of sexual assault and was later convicted in relation to an unrelated allegation of stalking.

False Accusation

On 22 November 2018 Mr Kenan Basic offered to assist a woman he did not know, Caitlyn Gray, after her car broke down at or near a BP service station in Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia. Kenan Basic worked on Gray's car for two hours at the BP service station in order to get it working. Mr Basic then followed Gray in her car ready to assist again if her car broke down.[1]

Gray subsequently accused Kenan Basic of sexually assaulting her by the road side and stalking her through the streets of Sydney. Mr Basic was subsequently arrested, lost his job and was served with divorce papers.[1]

Gray later admitted she'd made the entire episode up and was subsequently sentenced to nine months jail with a non-parole period of five months.[2] She was however bailed after two hours.[3]

Media reports soon after he was release suggested that Mr Basic intended to sue Caitlyn Gray for $1 Million (Australian Dollars).[4] [5][6]

Conviction for Stalking

After Mr Basic's name was featured in the media two other Sydney women claimed that he had stalked them on three separate occasions, during February and March 2018.[7] Mr Basic's lawyers claimed this was a case of mistaken identity.[8]

Mr Basic's lawyer, Moana Elbaba, said:

"These allegations only had arisen after the previous false complainant made her complaint, and he denies them,"

"He's unhappy with the allegations, he's vigorously defending them." [9]

On 24 August 2022 Kenan Basic was convicted in relation to these new charges and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.[10]

In June 2023 Mr Basic successfully argued in court for a non-custodial sentence. He was re-sentenced to a 15-month community-based intensive correction order.[11]

Mr Basic maintains that he did not stalk the women but was rather confused for someone else due to his notoriety over the easier false allegations.


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