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Caitlyn Gray is an Australian woman last known to be residing in Sydney. On 22 November 2018 Gray's car broke down at or near a BP service station in Bankstown, New South Wales. Mr Kenan Basic offered to assist her and worked on her car for two hours at the BP service station in order to get it working. Mr Basic then followed Gray in her car ready to assist again if her car broke down.[1]

Gray subsequently accused Kenan Basic of sexually assaulting her by the road side and stalking her through the streets of Sydney. Mr Basic was subsequently arrested, lost his job and was served with divorce papers.[1]

Gray later admitted she'd made the entire thing up and was subsequently sentenced to nine months jail with a non-parole period of five months.[2] She was however bailed the same day so that she can appeal the sentence.[3] No further public records suggest that she has served any time in prison for falsely accusing Basic.

Mr Kenan is now suing Gray for $1 Million (AUD).[4][5]

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