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Helen Hewlett is British woman who has been convicted of soliciting murder after she attempted to hire a hitman to kill Paul Belton, who she worked with at the time. Hewlett and Mr Belton had sex in a car in the parking lot of their workplace. She then became infatuated with him. Mr Belton changed jobs to get away from her and she obtained employment at his new workplace.[1][2]

Mr Belton rejected Hewlett and she responded by attempting to have him murdered. Hewlett went to a website called Online Killers Market and paid more than £20,000 in bitcoin to hire a killer. The site was a scam intended to take money from people wanting others killed.[3][4]

Hewlett pleaded not guilty but was found guilty by a unanimous jury. Hewlett was sentenced to seven and a half years imprisonment.[5][6][7][8]

Hewlett is a mother of five.[9][10]