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A 19 year old British woman Freya Heath[1][2] accused 12 Israeli men of raping her at the Pambos Napa Rocks Hotel, Cyprus. All 12 men were arrested and held in Custody in Cyprus.[3] Three of the men admitted to consensual sexual contact with her, while nine rejected any contact with her. The 12 Israeli men stated they were beaten by both British tourists and Cypriot police after the allegation was made.[4] Despite the fact that prosecutors apparently recognised that several of the men did not have sex with the woman they considered charging all 12 with conspiracy to commit a crime.[5]

After video evidence and other information contradicted her story the woman admitted she made the entire episode up.[6]

On August 9, 2019 it was reported that her lawyer had quit the case following a serious disagreement with his client. The nature of the disagreement was not disclosed however there are reports she is intending to claim her retraction was coerced.[7]

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