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Eva Biaudet is a Finnish politician and member of parliament from the Swedish People's Party of Finland, as well as the chairwoman of the Advisory Board on International Human Rights Affairs (Kansainvälisten ihmisoikeusasiain neuvottelukunta)[1][2]. She also ran for president in Finland in 2012, receiving 2.7 % of the votes and the seventh place of eight candidates[3]. While running for president she also declared herself a feminist[4].

View on the draft

In 2012 while running for president, Eva was asked the following question:

"I will be joining the military service in January next year. I would therefore like to ask you, Eva Biaudet, since you are seen as an advocate for equality, how do you see equality being achieved in the fact that universal conscription only applies to men and not also to women?"

To this, Eva answered:

"Tough question. Nowadays, women have the opportunity to enlist and do military service as well, and I know that some people have discussed the fact that it's been made quite difficult. For example, there is a fee for a medical examination, whereas for boys it is part of the package. However, the situation is that there seems to be no more interest among girls, so I think we actually have a pretty good system, as only half of the age group now does military service. I do not think there is any need to change the situation."[5][6]

Therefore, Eva apparently thinks that forcibly drafting men and giving them a free medical examination is an injustice done to women as women don't get the free medical examination if they decide to join the army, which they have no obligation to do and don't have to do anything else to replace it either. Never mind that men are forcibly drafted, no, that's no problem, only the cost of the medical examination matters!

Opinion piece about war

At the end of April of 2022, she co-authored an opinion piece titled "A feminist foreign policy is needed to build sustainable peace" (Kestävän rauhan rakentamiseen tarvitaan feminististä ulkopolitiikkaa) which was published in Finland's largest newspaper called Helsingin Sanomat. The other author was Terhi Heinilä, Secretary General of The National Council of Women of Finland (Naisjärjestöjen Keskusliitto). In the initial paragraph of that opinion piece Eva and Terhi argued the following:

"THE FURTHER DARKENING security situation and global crises affect most the vulnerable. In addition to the threat of death, women in crises are also at risk of sexual violence and human trafficking. Other groups at risk include children, especially girls, the elderly, people with disabilities and sexual and gender minorities."

As typical for feminist writings, men as a victimised group are again not mentioned at all even though they are the ones that do the fighting and thus are clearly at the highest risk of dying. Even if we talk about sexual violence, it has to be mentioned that The Guardian has demonstrated that men are also at risk of sexual violence during wars[7]. In addition, on May 5 the Finnish mainstream tabloid Iltalehti published an article about the rape of males, titled "Russian soldiers also rape men and boys in Ukraine" (Venäläiset sotilaat raiskaavat Ukrainassa myös miehiä ja poikia)[8]. In wars, it is men that are forced to defend their communities with their lives, yet feminists like this argue that no, it's women that are the ones at risk. Hillary Clinton is also known for this kind of thinking[9]. As of April 27, 2022, Eva Biaudet supported Finland joining NATO[10] and, on May 17, when the Parliament finally voted on the matter[11], Eva ended up voting in favour of joining[12]. In this Helsingin Sanomat article, a small number of Finns were interviewed about the matter. Of the interviewed, not a single male under 40 years of age (three were interviewed) actively supported Finland joining NATO. One said "maybe" and the two others said "no". Despite this, the majority of the Finnish population do support joining, but based on this very small sample, it looks like that the group objectively (in a non-feminist objective way) most at risk of losing their lives if Russia decides to invade Finland, may actually be against joining. If this is true and Finland joins with the consequence of Russia invading, this would mean that the group of Finns who do not have the obligation to defend their country with their life would have needlessly endangered the group that does have that obligation.

Analysis of a Jaana Kavonius livestream from this perspective

In one Instagram live, Jaana Kavonius (at 14:31) and her assistant (at 16:52) argued that Finland's leaders are making a war. At 16:52 the assistant reads a comment in which the streamers are asked if the Russians should be thanked for killing civilians. To this question the assistant, named Sanna, answered as follows:

"Definitely not, no war is good, but clearly this government of ours wants war. Are we supposed to be like "yeah, you know, let's steal Russia's national treasures and take their gold and there won't be a war here, and join NATO and they'll come to the rescue". More than millions of Finns will die if there is a war here, and your decision-makers, your, the decision-makers of all Finns [pointing at camera], are involved in this. And they have blood on their hands, they have blood on their hands not only in the fact that they are going to try to defy Russia in that way, to join Finland in NATO, but in the fact that they have done all this crap, they have allowed this kind of exploitation and abuse of people to continue, and this person [pointing at Jaana] is a living example of how wrong that public office mafia is doing."


If Jaana and Sanna are right in their assertion that the leaders of Finland are trying to provoke Russia to attack Finland (it surely looks like so), we could thus conclude that they are sneakily trying to outsource a male genocide. Those that don't have the obligation of risking their lives at war are in support of a decision that endangers the group that does have the obligation, yet the group without the obligation has, due to being larger, more power to decide the matter for the group that they are endangering. And after Russia has invaded and a million Finns (who will almost certainly be mostly men) have been slaughtered, feminists will probably say that it was women who suffered the most. The initial paragraph of Eva Biaudet's and Terhi Heinilä's opinion piece certainly suggests that.

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