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Clementine Ford, 2017.

Clementine Ford is an Australian feminist writer, broadcaster and public speaker. She wrote a regular column for Daily Life for seven years.

Ford has one child, Frank. Frank's father is Jesse Booher. Booher and Ford had separated by May 2020.[1]

In January 2024 it was announced that Ford had received a grant to develop a television show. The mainstream media has reported that there was push-back from Jewish leaders after Ford boasted that her podcast had been cancelled due to perceived anti-semitism.[2][3]


In March 2016, Ford was banned from Facebook for 30 days for using profanity toward another user who had verbally abused her on her Facebook page. Ford accused Facebook of having a double standard, as the social networking site meanwhile declined to take action against a user who had posted a graphic internet meme making light of domestic violence.

Aquinas College

In August 2017 Ford gave a speech at private school Aquinas College. Ford reportedly refused to accept questions from boys. In response some of the girls present staged a walkout.[4][5]


In 2018, a Lifeline event featuring Ford was cancelled following a petition calling for her removal, after she had made a Twitter comment which included the phrase "all men must die". Ford has commented on the issue of her sarcastic tweets being taken seriously by those opposing her. For example, after the man from Meriton Group was dismissed from his employment, another man tweeted that Ford would not be happy until she had all men "fired". Ford responded by saying she would not be happy until all men were "fired ... into the sun". According to Ford, despite the clear jest, many men publicly accused her tweet of advocating for their mass murder.[


In May 2020, Ford was criticised for her tweet stating that the coronavirus was not "killing men fast enough", which has since been deleted. A Melbourne City Council arts grant that had been awarded to Ford was afterwards said to be "under review" as a result of Ford's comments. Lord Mayor Sally Capp stated that Ford's statement was "deliberately divisive and incredibly unhelpful when we are trying to keep our community together" during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following backlash, Ford responded on Twitter by stating that although she still stood "100% behind my fury at men exploiting women's unpaid labour", she had "reconsidered her flippancy in discussing it", and was "a big enough person to admit when [she'd] misjudged something".

Gender of Son

Originally Ford sought to avoid disclosing the gender of their baby.[6][7] The gender of the baby was accidentally disclosed by journalist Julia Baird.[8][9]

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