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Wiki4Men uses Mediawiki, the same software used on Wikipedia. Anyone who has edited Wikipedia should be able to edit Wiki4Men right away. Similarly, skills learnt here are transferrable to Wikipedia.

Wiki4Men and Wikipedia use the same license for written material so articles are transferable between the two sites.

Wiki4Men differs from Wikipedia in a number of ways. Site rules are entirely different. In particular, unlike Wikipedia, original research is not prohibited but encouraged.

Site Rules

For information on site rules see here.


Textual content on Wiki4Men is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) license unless otherwise noted. Images may be under any licence. Establish the licence and confirm it is lawful to reuse a particular image before doing so.

This is the same licence used for Wikipedia, as a result it is possible to copy material from Wikipedia to Wiki4Men as long as the terms of the licence are observed.

See External Links for further information.


Editors retain copyright to material that they personally have contributed to Wiki4Men. This material can be reused elsewhere by the editor. Editors do not hold copyright on the contributions of any other editors. All material on Wiki4Men may be used in accordance with the licensing of course.


Wiki4Men only uses a few plugins whereas Wikipedia has many. This means that some functions on Wikipedia will not work on Wiki4Men. If an editor believes that a particular plugin is needed they may ask for this to be installed.


Wikipedia uses a large number of templates which are not present on Wiki4Men. When transferring articles from Wikipedia to Wiki4Men references to these templates should be removed. It's quite obvious that a template was not removed when loading an article into Wiki4Men as red links starting with Cite: will be observed.

Article that have imported material from Wikipedia should use have the Wikipedia template placed above the References.

Special Pages

Mediawiki has many special pages to assist you in editing the wiki.


Once an article is ready it should go in the Featured Articles category. The article should also be in at least one other category relevant to the topic. Before adding any new categories make sure that no existing categories are suitable.

If a new category is created add it in to the tree of categories with category wiki4men at the root.

Biographical articles should be in:

  • Category biographies
  • At least one relevant subject matter category
  • The category for any country where:
    • The person was born
    • The person holds citizenship
    • The person has lived for at least one year
    • The person has an article because of something that happened in that country or is connected to that country.

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