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Editors writing articles should make their best effort to comply with the style guide but the priority should be adding content. Editors that notice articles deviating from the style guide should correct them. Failure to comply with the style guide is not grounds for having content removed.

Featured Articles

There is no minimum length for a Featured Article however the article must be written in complete English sentences. If a featured article grows beyond two pages consideration should be given to breaking it up into smaller articles.

Dot points must still be in complete English sentences but may lack trailing full stops. A set of dot points should be consistent in this matter.

Article names should use the full name of organisations, events and phrases rather than abbreviations or acronyms even when they are in widespread use. Eg, The article for Mike Buchanan's political party should be Justice for Men and Boys rather than J4MB even though the latter is in common use online. Wiki links from elsewhere on the site may link to commonly used abbreviations or acronyms as long as a redirect is put in place if it doesn't already exist. Eg, A link to J4MB would be acceptable as long as it goes to the article for Justice for Men and Boys.

Featured articles may have See Also and External Links sections. See Also contains other links on this wiki that are relevant or similar to the article. External Links contain URLs to an external site. Raw URLs must not be displayed. The External Links section must follow the See Also section. Subsections to each of these are permissible if the number of links justifies it.

The References section must be after External Links, with categories at the very bottom of the page.

If an editor discovers a Featured Article that they believe is in a poor state and cannot be easily fixed, they should change it to a Draft Article.


The glossary is a subset of Featured Articles. As such all Glossary articles should also be Featured Articles. Articles in the glossary normally provide a definiton. If an article in the glossary grows beyond two paragraphs consideration should be given to breaking it in to smaller articles.

Referencing people

A person will normally be introduced with as accurate a name as possible. If their full name is known, then this should be used. Otherwise use their first and last name if it is known. In a few cases only a first or last name will be known and the person can be introduced like this. In following references victims and those who have made a positive contribution to men's rights or anti-feminism should be referred to by first and last name or title and last name. All others will be referred to by last name only in following references.


When sourcing a quote place the ref tags inside the blockquote tags.



If an article is sourced from Wikipedia then a permanent link should be saved in the comment when the article is created. If this does not happen at article creation, it should happen as soon as possible afterwards. The Article should also be placed in the Wikipedia category, as noted below.


Categories should be listed in alphabetical order. All categories should be part of a tree ending with the Wiki4Men category at the root.

An article that is still under development should be in the Draft Articles category. An article which is ready to be displayed should be in the Featured Articles category. Thus all articles should have at minimum one category, Draft Articles or Featured Articles.

Any article chiefly about an individual, or multiple individuals should be in category Biographies.

The article should be in the most appropriate category based on subject matter and, where relevant, in the category of any countries it is associated with. There is no limitation on putting an article in multiple subject or country categories.

An article in the Featured Article category must confirm with the requirements for a Featured Article above.

Any article drawn from another source should be in the category for that source, which itself should be in the Sources category. Thus articles sourced from Wikipedia, in whole or in part, should be in the Wikipedia category.

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