Schonell Treatment

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The Schonell Treatment occurs when MRAs or anti-feminists try to book venues for events. Many venues do not wish to host men's rights or anti-feminist events, either due to their own biases or because of a fear of public backlash - backlash that almost never actually occurs. Schonell Treatment is named after the Schonell Theatre at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Robert Brockway from Men's Rights Brisbane approached the theatre to attempt to arrange a screening of The Red Pill in late 2016 or early 2017. Brockway initially approached the Schonell Theatre to arrange a booking in November or December 2016 but was told that the venue was entirely booked. He then inquired about a booking in January or February 2017 and was told that the Schonell Theatre was not taking bookings for 2017. This was clearly a thinly veiled lie intended to prevent a booking being made at the Schonell Theatre.