Media encourages women to avoid marriage and relationships with men

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If women believe in The Patriarchy they shouldn't get married as feminism claims it is a construct of The Patriarchy to exploit women. The feminist influenced media actively discourages women from forming relationships with men.

October 2017

Natasha said she felt fulfilled by her business and the only time she missed having a man was when things needed doing around the house.[1]

March 2018

  • Why having a husband can be like having a third child.[2]

May 2018

  • 10 household chores you don’t have to do as a single mum.[3]

August 2018

  • According To Science, Husbands Are A Bigger Cause Of Stress For Wives Than Children.[4]
  • Male Pleasure Robots Will Replace Men For Good.[5]

September 2018

  • Women of America, Take Off Your Wedding Rings.[6]
  • Kids don't damage women's careers, men do.[7]

March 2019

  • Husbands Are A Bigger Source Of Stress For Wives Than Their Children, Scientists Say.[8]
  • Male Pleasure Robots Are Here To Replace Men For Good![9]

May 2019

  • Women are happier without a husband and kids, a study says.[10]

August 2019

  • Men use heterosexuality to oppress women. Women don't need heterosexuality.[11]