MAT192H1: Liberating Mathematics

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MAT192H1: Liberating Mathematics was a course offered at the University of Toronto during 2021, and possibly in other years.

The course outline stated:

Course outline for MAT192H1: Liberating Mathematics, 2021.

"Currently, mathematics is at a crossroads between tradition and progress. Progress has been led in large part by women mathematicians, in particular Black women, Indigenous women, and women from visible minorities. Intertwined in their studies of mathematics is a daring critique of traditional mathematics, re-imagining of mathematics culture, and more. This course will compare and contrast new forms of accessible mathematics with standard sources that draw dominantly on the experiences and narratives of men. Restricted to first-year students. Not eligible for CR/NCR option." [1]

When this course was offered in 2021 the instructor was Piper Harron.[2][3]

As of March 2023 this course is not being offered at the University of Toronto.[4].