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Alisa Ali is a British woman that alleges that she has used a sex strike to get what she wants. She has openly admitted this in an article in the mainstream media. In the article she repeatedly implied her husband was child-like.[1][2]


"Finally, after a fraught argument, it became clear the only way he’d change his ways was if I did something big to show how serious I was. I knew my son behaved better after having things taken away from him, and I figured his father would be the same." [3][4]

"I didn’t tell him straight away. Instead, after he started complaining we weren’t having sex, I explained what I was doing. I wanted to spell out to him that his actions had repercussions. Naturally he was upset, and even threw a strop — as ‘children’ do." [5][6]

"Since then, he has changed to some degree but I still have to remind him of the ban whenever he slips up. Refusing sex helped me learn to draw red lines in our relationship, and I would do it again without hesitation." [7][8]

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