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Yeonmi Park (born 1993 in Hyesan, North Korea[1]) is a North Korean defector, a human rights activist and a YouTuber[2]. She escaped the country at the age of 13[1]. At the end of May 2021 she was interviewed by Jordan Peterson. In that interview she told that an university professor from Columbia University (United States) had told her that letting a man hold a door for her is "giving in to their [the man's] overpowering of you." When she argued against this, attributing that kind of behaviour to "kindness" or "decency," the professor argued that Yeonmi was "brainwashed from North Korea." In the four years at the university she learned to "censor herself all over again."[3]

On August 2, 2021 Jordan Peterson published a compilation video of his Jordan B Peterson Podcast episodes titled The End of Universities? | Jordan B. Peterson with the aim of showing how universities have "deteriorated". A segment of Yeonmi Park's interview was the first in the compilation and the description of the video started with a description of Yeonmi's experiences. The description also read:

"Dr. Peterson wanted to put this together because he still feels like it’s possible to save the Universities, but before that can happen, more people need to be aware of just how twisted they’ve become. Feel free to share and reference this video as some evidence and perspectives on the state of Western Universities."[4]

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