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Hindley Street, looking west, 29 August 2014.

Hindley Street is located in the north-west quarter of the centre of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. It runs between King William Street and West Terrace. The street was named after Charles Hindley, a British parliamentarian and social reformist.

The street was one of the first built in Adelaide and is of historical significance for a number of reasons. As well as housing the first meeting of Adelaide City Council, the oldest municipal body in Australia, in November 1840, Hindley Street was home to the first stone church in South Australia; it was also the location of the first movie shown in the colony and the first cinema in the state. The West End Brewery operated in the street between 1859 and 1980.

The street later became known for its atmosphere and active nightlife, including a somewhat seedy reputation, until in the 21st century it reinvented itself as a more upmarket precinct, dubbed the West End.

7 October 2022

On 7 October 2022 a woman in Australia allegedly threw food and spat at staff in the McDonald's restaurant on Hindley St, Adelaide. The woman also allegedly accused the male manager of assaulting her.[1]

Police attended although it is not clear if an arrest was made.[2]

29 December 2022

At approximately 10:35pm on 29 December 2022 a 19 year old woman from the northern suburbs of Adelaide, Australia allegedly entered the staff-only area of the McDonald's restaurant on Hindley St, Adelaide before allegedly swearing and shouting at employees. The woman then allegedly stole food and a bottle of water. Two female employees followed her around the store, one on the phone with the other recording her.[3]

Police subsequently arrived and arrested the woman. She was charged with disorderly behaviour, property damage and assault.[4]

The name of the woman has apparently not been released. She has been bailed to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on 3 March 2023.

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