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"The One Good Man" is a song that Hannah Wallen wrote while sleep deprived[1]. It was used as the opener in the HBR talk episode 183. The song is a mockery of male feminists who view themselves as "the one good man", which is a phrase probably coined by Alison Tieman, though Hannah and Alison are not 100 % sure about that[2]. Its melody and backing track come from Kevin MacLeod's song "Fenster's Explanation". The backing track has been lengthened from the original, and a few notes have been changed or added from the original melody in the sung version. The song is sung by Hannah Wallen, but it contains large segments of spoken parts with more or less male-sounding voices.


HBR Talk 183 was a talk where the Badgers discussed how "One good man" feminists "end up rationalizing their own abusive aggression toward men and toward questioners of their faith as 'good' aggression"[3]. In the song, the part most obviously mocking this behavior towards female questioners was the following spoken part:

"When a woman tells you her lived experience, don’t question that. It’s her truth. #BELIEVEWOMEN, guys! Unless her truth contradicts feminist narratives about anything. Then I’m totally justified in calling her a liar and accusing her of being a man, or being brainwashed by a man. As a man, I know that’s manthink, not womanthink. Not that I think that way, of course!"

The term "One Good Man" appears in the chorus of the song:

"‘Cause I’m a feminist
A male feminist
A patriarchal matriarchy-lovin’ wimminist
And everything that I see is misogyny
‘Cause I’m the One Good Man"

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