The Feminism Test

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Anyone self-identifying as a feminist should take this test. Each question should be answered as yes or no. Any answer other than yes counts as no (affirmative consent). Each yes answer scores one point and each no answer scores zero points.

Here we go:


Have you physically attended a feminist meeting within the last month?

Please provide general details.

Attending an event online does not count. This question is specifically about meeting with other people physically at a feminist event. Feminists often meet physically at university campuses so most people should have a feminist group meeting within reasonable commuting distance. You must answer no even if you would like to attend but cannot for practical reasons such as lack of local feminist meetings or lack of transport.

Are you a member of any government recognised feminist organisations?

Please state the name of one or more of these organisations.

Such an organisation would need to consider itself feminist and be formally registered with a generally recognised government such as a national government, or a state or provincial government. Examples of such organisations include the National Organisation for Women (NOW) in the United States or The Fawcett Society in the UK.

Have you posted to an explicitly feminist website in the last month?

Please state which website you posted to.

The website needs to openly state that it is feminist.

Have you read an article on an explicitly feminist website in the last week?

Please state the website that you read.

The website needs to openly state that it is feminist.

Reading an article after you start taking this test doesn't count.

Have you read a feminist book by a feminist author within the last year?

Please state the title and author of the book.

The book must explicitly state that it is about feminism or that it addresses a topic from a feminist perspective and the author must explicitly identify as a feminist.


3-5: You're probably a gender feminist. You probably believe we live in a rape culture and that men have been oppressing women for thousands of years (or more) through the use of violence. You probably believe that domestic violence is something that impacts women far more than it does men and that it is right that the government focus DV funding on helping women while providing few or no services for men.

1-2: You're probably an equity feminist. You probably believe that feminism is about equality but don't really have much to do with feminism today, if you ever did. You are recommended to look in to feminism today and decide if you agree with what is being said about men and about culture and whether this is a movement you really want to identify with.

0: Why do you call yourself a feminist?

The terms gender feminist and equity feminist were coined by Christina Hoff-Sommers. These terms are widely used by feminists and others and have been widely written about.