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Tash Peterson is an Australian vegan and animal rights activist and feminist associated with PETA.[1][2] Peterson has engaged in several high profile protests including a protest September 2022 in Perth in which she and other activists from PETA partially stripped and laid down in plastic wrap, mimicking the manner in which supermarkets sell meat in Australia.[3]

In a previous protest in Melbourne Peterson held up a sign saying "WOOL HURTS".[4]

Peterson's protests often feature partial nudity, which is common among feminist protestors.

After being banned from every club and restaurant in the state of Western Australia Peterson announced she was relocating to the state of Victoria in July 2022.[5]

In February 2023 Peterson and her boyfriend, Jack Higgs, were arrested during a protest.[6][7]

Peterson works exclusively as an animal rights activist while Higgs works as a nutionalist.[8]

Peterson has an OnlyFans account.[9][10]

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