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I want to rework and incorporate this. No time right now.

Excellent comment on AVFM here.

Useful links for refs here

Consider discussing Critical Theory/Postmodern Deconstruction.

Powerful Women

The best evidence that The Patriarchy is bogus comes from powerful women. If women were really systematically oppressed then why were routinely powerful women. Powerful women constitute a minority of leaders and powerful people throughout history which is exactly what we would expect.

Further Comments

Note the key points here. Feminists maintain that:

(1) Women are *systematically* oppressed by men (2) Male violence against women is a key feature

Stop and consider the historical implications of those statements for a while.

They really believe that men worked together to oppress women all around the world and across thousands or tens of thousands of years. This would make patriarchy the grand daddy of all conspiracy theories.