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Alternative Text 1

Consent can be withdrawn at any time. The woman can even admit she consented at the beginning and then say she withdrew consent later. The initial consent is worth nothing.

In Australia a man was convicted of rape for continuing sex for 30 seconds after consent was withdrawn by the woman. He was sentence to 4 years.

In the US a boy (too young to consent to sex) was convicted of rape when the adult woman withdrew consent and he continued for 5-10 seconds. The adult woman was never charged with statutory rape.

Now imagine how this works in an affirmative or enthusiastic consent jurisdiction. The woman can withdraw consent at any time and need not even tell the man about it. Any man who has sex with a woman in a jurisdiction like that is putting a gun to his own head.

All of these consent laws could apply the other way around of course but in most cases no regard is given to whether men consented or not.

Alternative Text 2

Since consent can be withdrawn any time without notice in an affirmative consent jurisdiction a man who has sex with a woman can never be sure whether the women has withdrawn consent or not since she need only do so in her mind. There is no requirement for her to notify him of her change of decision. For this reason affirmative consent cannot work and men are encouraged to avoid sex with women when affirmative consent laws or regulations are in force.

The legislations drafting these laws often do not understand the ramifications. Some of them have admitted this.

The risks for men inherent in affirmative (and enthusiastic) consent laws cannot be understated.

It is notable that all public discussion on affirmative and enthusiastic consent have completely ignore men's consent, and just presumed that men always consex to sex.

Incompatbility with mating strategies

How naively this psychologist talks about mating strategies, failing to realise that they fall apart under affirmative consent.

It was funny once