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This is a list of feminist/misandric organizations that benefit from tax-exempt status or government funding. Note that for the purposes of this page, "feminist organization" means an organization observed to act in the interests of feminism or other misandric ideologies. The first version of this page lists organizations that signed WAM!'s Open Letter to Facebook. Future revisions should show why newly added organizations acted in such interests.

List of Organizations by State Benefits
Organization Benefits
AisFor Tax-exempt[1]
Angel Band Project Tax-exempt [2]
Advocates for Youth Tax-exempt[3]
Association for Progressive Communications Women’s Rights Programme Tax-exempt[4]
Australian Women Against Violence Alliance Govt. Funded[5]
Breakthrough Tax-exempt[6]
Canadian Women’s Foundation Tax-exempt[7][8][9]
Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation Govt. Funded[10]
Collective Action for Safe Spaces Sponsored[11]
End Violence Against Women Coalition Tax-exempt[14]
Equality Now Tax-exempt
The EQUALS Coalition Govt. Funded[15]
The Fawcett Society Govt. Funded[16]
Fem 2.0 More research needed[17]
Hardy Girls, Healthy Women Tax-exempt[18][19]
Hollaback! Tax-exempt[20]
Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault Govt. Funded[21]
International Council of Jewish Women Once tax-exempt. Current status unknown.[22]
Making Herstory Govt. Funded[23] Tax-exempt[24]
National Council of Women’s Organizations Tax-exempt[25]
No Hate Speech Movement Govt. Operated[26]
Object Govt. Funded[27]
Our Bodies, Ourselves Tax-exempt [28]
The Pixel Project Tax-exempt[29]
Powered By Girl Tax-exempt, Govt. Funnel
Rape Victim Advocates Tax-exempt[30]
RH Reality Check Tax-exempt[31]
Sanctuary for Families Tax-exempt[32]
Secular Woman Working on tax-exempt status. Current status unknown.
Stop Street Harassment Tax-exempt[33]
Time To Tell Tax-exempt[1][2]
Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter Tax-exempt[34]
V-Day Tax-exempt, Govt. Funded[35]
The Voices and Faces Project Tax-exempt[3]
White Ribbon Campaign Tax-exempt[4][5]
Women In Media & News Sponsored by tax-exempt organization. [6]
The Women’s Media Center Tax-exempt [7]
YWCA [8][9][10] Govt. Funded[36]


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