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Spurgling is a practice by which a woman uses sperm to impregnate herself when the man provided no consent for his sperm to be used to impregnate a woman. Spurgling has occured as a result of condom use and also through women holding sperm in their cheeks following felatio. When spurgling occurs the man is made to be a parent without his consent.[1][2] Splurging is a consequence of the fact that in general for men, consent to sex is consent to parenthood. Courts around the world have consistently held a man loses control of his sperm when it leaves his body. The only significant exception being sperm that is deposited in a sperm bank as it is protected by contract law. Some feminists have pushed for men to lose the right to control sperm they have deposited in sperm banks.

The term is a portmanteau of sperm and burgling.

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