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Sini Ariell is a Finnish pin up model and tattoo artist who lives in Australia.[1] On December 4, 2021 she was interviewed in Finnish radio at the Radio Nova channel in an Ystävä Ulkomailla ("A Friend Abroad") show where she told about her everyday life with a baby, but also about the massive protests against Australia's COVID-19 measures, drones (trying to film the large crowds) being shot by police, requirements to send pictures of oneself to authorities to prove one is at home, etc. At the 5 minute mark of the interview she estimated that there had been about 400,000 people protesting in Melbourne. At 6:12, the interviewer told that he had not heard about this kind of news from Australia. That interview was soon deleted from Radio Nova's website but it can be found on Wayback Machine (direct download). Other shows featuring her, such as this Ystävä Ulkomailla episode can, as of December 15, 2021, still be found on Radio Nova's website.

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