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Sexual market value is a reference to the value that an individual has when dating and seeking to attract a long-term sexual and romantic partner. Women tend to start out adulthood with a high sexual market value which declines with age. In contrast men's sexual market value tends to start out low and rise until about the age of 50.[1][2][3][4]

The differences that men and women experience with their sexual market values is, at least partly, a result of attributes that they can bring to a relationship. A young women will, on average, be physically more attractive than an older woman while an older man who has been successful in a career will have greater resources to bring to the relationship. This derives from differing sex selection strategies which in turn derive from the relatively high biological investment that women make in offspring compared to men.

In recent years data analysis carried out by online dating agencies has reflected and sometimes even exceeded predictions about male and female sexual market value.

The term was popularised by Rollo Tomassi.

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